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Ayurveda for All

Liz Turner works in South Devon offering alternative health advice, using diet, herbs and lifestyle. Ayurveda is a ‘sister science’ to yoga and alongside each other they offer powerful tools for health, longevity, resilience, balance, energy, peace and stillness.

What is Ayurveda? – Ayur = life & veda = knowledge. Together it actually means ‘the science of longevity’!

It is an ancient and natural system of healing and traditional medicine from India – at least 5000 years old. It can address many health conditions in a holistic way.

Ayurveda Doshas

It recognises 3 primary life forces in the body, which simply correspond to the elements:

– Vata (ether/space and air element)

– Pitta (fire element)

– Kapha (earth and water)

When these are out of balance, they can cause ‘dis-ease’ and/or minor health problems. For example:

– too much air and ether elements (Vata Dosha) results in dryness, hardness, cold, lightness. It can cause insomnia, nervous system issues, dryness, coldness, constipation, joint/bone issues, brain/memory issues, anxiety/fear.

– too much fire element (Pitta Dosha) results in heat, sourness, sharpness, oiliness. It can cause inflammation, redness, hot flushes, spreading of infection, sharp pain, excess sweating, loose stools, acid digestion, skin rashes, anger/frustration.

– too much earth/water (Kapha Dosha) results in heaviness, softness, coolness, stability, sliminess. It can cause excess body mass, phlegm/sinus congestion, slow metabolism, fluid retention, attachment/greediness.

So how can I improve my health?