Private Sessions

One to one yoga at home
A private client in quiet meditation at the end of a session.

One-on-one sessions can be arranged with Liz, either in your own home (after an initial discussion) or at a venue in South Devon. We will discuss your aims, which could be related to physical health, flexibility and strength or to help with anxiety, emotions or attaining a quiet, still meditation.

A balanced yoga practice can help with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will receive a practice suited to you and the time you have at home. Learn how to apply sequences and practices yourself to become more independent health wise and proficient at practising effectively.

Sessions can also be arranged for schools, businesses, community settings indoors or outside.

One to one yoga at home
A private yoga session in client’s home, for two.

Cost£40-50 depending on input needed. If a room is needed, cost to be added (min. £5 South Brent). Two people can attend a session together if preferable.

Email or phone to discuss your requirements.

Liz says: “Yoga was originally taught one-on-one tailoring practices to each person. Srivatsa Ramaswami learnt this way with Krishnamacharya for 35 years! Our modern classes have great value and can bring us health and peace but to get some personal input or learn in your own home environment is a very valuable experience.”

“Thank you for my wonderful 1-1 yoga session – it was perfect.  Thank you for taking into consideration my leg and coming up with alternative exercises.  I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for personal answers to their health, flexibility, breathing and wanting expert 1-1 tuition.  Although I have done yoga for a few years now I found Liz’s work highly valuable to me.  I have been in yoga classes and wondered why I couldn’t do certain exercises like the rest of the class!!!  I recognise now that the person I need to focus on is me, my body, my needs. Liz gives an ideal opportunity to work on your body’s needs in a relaxing space and confidence to join a group.”

Sue M, Torbay