Ethical gifts & products

To place an order, send an email / phone 07765 631877

2019 Tree Calendar

Features beautiful photographs & a wild food/other tree use each month. Printed on recycled card using vegetable-based inks. Photography by Liz Turner.

Now reduced to £5 for this unique limited edition. Can be delivered/collected in South Hams (& other areas) or sent in the post. P&P £1.50 for one, £1.90 for two, £2.50 for three or four. 

Fruit shrubs & other plants

Jostaberry – cross between blackcurrant & gooseberry. Large wine-coloured fruits. Grow quickly, robust plants.

Redcurrant – Rovada & Jon van Tets (varieties)

Blackcurrant – unknown varieties

In winter months bare root for just £5.50 each & any time £8 potted. Discounts for bulk.

Perennial rocket plants available in Spring & Summer. The plants will die down in winter & re-grow in spring, gradually expanding in size. £3

Plants can be delivered in many areas of the South Hams by arrangement & sometimes posted. Enquire to check.