Ethical products for sale

To place an order, send an email / phone 07765 631877

Potted fruit bushes

Fruit shrubs & other plants

Jostaberry – cross between blackcurrant & gooseberry. Large wine-coloured fruits. Grow quickly, robust plants. £5 (1 year old bushes)

Redcurrant – Rovada & Jon van Tets varieties/WhitecurrantsBlanka variety £6 (3 year old bushes)

Japanese wineberry – climbing/spreads by tip rooting £5 (1 year old plants)

Honeyberry Kalinka variety – compact bush £5 (1 year old plants)

Fruit from jostaberry, redcurrant and whitedurrant bushes
Jostaberry, redcurrant and whitecurrant fruits

Perennial rocket plants – die down in winter, return in Spring £2

Perennial kale plants Will give you all year round kale! £3.

Plus oregano, fennel (herb) and others.

Plants can be delivered in local areas around Totnes/Dartington/parts of South Hams as part of my self-employed work. Can sometimes be posted. Enquire to check.

Other items for sale

Tongue scrapers – stainless steel. Perfect for cleaning the tongue first thing in the morning! Removes toxins, helps bad breath, stimulates digestion. £3.50. Can be posted/ included with other items.

Immunity herbs, cleansing herbs, chyawanprash, ayurvedic herbs – enquire to discuss your requirements.